We work with EPDM rubber that withstands all weather conditions.

Thanks to our laboratory, we can produce rubber profiles tailored to our customers’ special demands.Unless otherwise specified by our customers, we produce our profiles according to DIN 7715 standards.

Our goal is to have the end product with best quality, which matches the market conditions, with the help of modern technology and suitable man power.

Our Quality Policy

• To ensure customer satisfaction with the products and services we offer,

• To increase our competition power and marketshare through creativity,

• To enhance our processes by evaluating goals based upon process-performance indicators,

• To extend systematic and planned practices throughout whole operations to reach our goals.

Our Company Values

• To make a contribution to the progress and success of our employees, their families and our society,

• To act according to the current rules and standards about health, safety and environment and to reduce energy consumption to the minimum level,

• To strive for the benefit and constant improvement of our partners/shareholders.

Our Mission

• To become the leading supplier and business associate in rubber seals/profiles industry by our quality, service, technology and price.


• Technical Workshop

• Compound Manufacturing Factory

• Research & Development (R&D)

• Production Line

• Quality Control

  • • Seals for Aluminum Doors and Window Systems

    • Seals for PVC Doors and Window Systems

    • Seals for Steel Doors

    • Seals for Wooden Doors and Window Systems

    • Seals for Side Plating Systems

    • Seals for Dilatation

    • Seals for Automatic Doors

    • Seals for Pipe Clamps

    • O-ring Rubber Profiles

    • All Kinds of Customized Rubber Profiles Production

    • Industrial Profiles and Seals


Our Advanced Technology Laboratory at Work...

In product research and development projects, it is crucial to swiftly identify the issue, produce a solution and adapt this solution to the current processes. We implement all these steps in our high capacity rubber laboratory.

Our lab carries all the needed equipment for the characterization of rubber and the test of our rubber compounds.

As a consequence of these, we are able to produce the most economical products without conceding from the quality of our products.

The core mission of KAPİ Kauçuk R&D department is to work and invest towards the realization of necessary projects that meet the current and future standards of our customers.

The basic criteria for our investments is to optimize the ideal quality – cost performance equilibrium.